Let me introduce myself…

I am an engineer turned philosopher: a little bit of both perhaps, but not solely in either category.

It was the last thing I expected from attending an engineering university. I thought I would get a degree and a career in biomedical engineering  and enter the exciting world of medical technology. Only half of that became true. I have the degree, but along the way my world was completely turned around. I took an engineering ethics course with a professor who profoundly changed my life, with whom I am still in contact with to this day.

That experience put my career, and indeed my life, on a completely different trajectory. Once I had a small taste of the understanding and frustration, the excitement and despair, and the utterly paradoxical field that is philosophy, I knew I needed more. I crave the insightful glimpses into humanity and the way the world works that only philosophy can provide. The beauty, and honestly much of the agony of the field is that there is never an end to a philosophical discussion.

I am especially interested in looking at human relationships to the environment, and how we can create a better future using sustainable methods in agriculture, architecture, and business.

Philosophical reflection and discussion can change the world, and it can be done regardless of the field you are in. It can lead us to be more responsible in our interactions with each other and with the world around us.

I am a writer who wants to be a part of this change and I want to share my insights, information, discussions, and questions with you.

Emily Helminen 


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